Student Council

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Sundance Student Council will meet the first and third Tuesdays of each month during lunch in the library.


Advertising  – Rigan and Aubrey – Members: Nevada Gill

Bulldog Olympics – Chairs: Teddi, Rigan, and Tanner – 

Members: Lauren, Rhianna, Sherry, Will I., Briska, Ella, Teila, Bailey

DanceChairs: Aubrey and Tanner – Members: Lauren, Marie, Gage, Rachel, Bailey

Parade – Gabby and Mr. Benvenga

Pep AssembliesChairs: Rigan, Tanner, and Teddi –

Members: Lauren, Micah K., Sherry, Rhianna, Will I, Ella, Rachel V., Teila, Molly O., Bailey, Josiah

Agenda for Homecoming Events 

We will kick off the week with Coronation at 7 pm on Monday, Oct. 2nd followed by the burning of the S. The dress-up day is pajamas. We will decorate halls during reading time. 

Tuesday, Oct. 3rd, our dress-up day is zombies and we are having a high school pep rally during reading: the junior high volleyball team travels to Twin Spruce with games at 4 and 5. Cross Country is also hosting a home meet on Tuesday with a Little Tike run at 3:30, followed by a junior high meet at 4 and the high school meet at 5 pm, the new athletic complex is the starting point for all races.   

Wednesday, Oct. 4th, our dress-up day is a throwback to the 80’s with Bulldog Olympics for portion of the afternoon.

Thursday, Oct. 5th, the dress-up day will be Tacky Tourist and the Pep Committee will be going to the Sundance Elementary for a pep rally, the junior high volleyball team is traveling to Newell for games at 4 pm while the junior high football team travels to Sage Valley for a game at 4pm.

Friday, Oct. 6th, our dress up day will be red, white and blue. We will have a parade at 12:15 followed by a BBQ for the student body. There are volleyball games with Bighorn in the gym at 3 and 4 followed by the football game on the new field against Big Horn at 6 pm.

Saturday, Oct. 7th, the volleyball team will face off against Wright at 1 and 2 pm in the gym. The homecoming dance will be a sock hop in the gym from 8-11. We would also like to host a game night in the gym at the same time so we are looking to borrow some halogen shop lights on stands from the community. If you have a shop light we could borrow please contact the office. 307-283-1007.

Here is a list of the hallway decor assignments. We will use reading time next week for classes to create materials for their hallway decorations. Next week is a short week (4 days with students) with a teacher in-service on Friday. 

7th: North America

8th: Europe

9th: South America

10th: Australia

11th: Asia

12th: Africa