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Citations & Digital Citizenship

April 12th- Student Body presentation on setting Facebook privacy settings.


Use these sources to help you cite your work -- Bibliographic Citations


Need to write an APA citation - try BibMe 

Snopes- a trusted resource for fact-checking

10 Ways to Spot Fake News

Fake news is still here

Click here to watch a Short fake news video about how fake news spirals into news.

Washington Post - Navy Seal = Fake News

Tweeter breaks news that Navy Seal story is fake news

CNN fights back text portion
CNN fights back with apple banana 

Divided We Code - Does the internet really allow us the freedom of speech? Read this article and prepare to discuss. 

What role do tech companies play in Russian controversy?

Who was Paul Horn

This was written on a church sign. "Don't swallow facts until you find out who prepared them" ~Church sign in Wellsville


Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship

Internet Saftey Pretest


Digital citizenship -- where do we draw the line? What about the right to free speech?


Online Safety Quiz

Kathy Schock's Web Page Evaution Website

Here is another thought on medai literacy, using YouTube to help teach it. Here is a link to an article that is food for thought.